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Personalize at scale to stay relevant to customers, innovate to excite and respond quickly to spikes.

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Online Pharma is the next battleground to stay ahead in the distribution supply chain.

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Collaboration is acquiring new means, the platforms need to be disruptive to stay in the game.

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Marine industry is making the best use of IoT based applications for automating shipyard controls.

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Shop floor is making use of ML based applications for efficient running of business.

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In a world of anytime education, institutions are reaching out to student’s fingertips with intelligent assessment engines.

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We provide unique solutions for eCommerce

Introducing Mintify. A unique platform to convert your existing website into e-commerce in just 5 days!


Headless eCommerce

Create your own experience for frontend and backend users with no design constraints

Seamless Integration

Mintify connects with multiple payment gateways, accounting software, enterprise apps

Crazy Go-Live

3-5 days to launch your business online

Pay as you Go

Mintify allows you to pay for what you use

100% Your Brand

100% customizable template, you can edit the branding guidelines as per your organization standard colors, size and layout and fonts

24 X 7 Support

24/7 Support Desk for E-commerce Admins

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