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Decoding Chaos in StartUp

Posted on 30/03/2021
I run a startup with team members much younger, more agile, and nimble than I am. They are a powerhouse of ideas, enthusiasm, and ... Read Blog..
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COVID 19 & Australian Involuntary Digital Transformation

Posted on 29/07/2020
Covid 19 has already pushed many businesses to transpire their digital transformation programs today which were otherwise meant to... Read Blog..
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The New Normal

Posted on 30/05/2020
Once upon a time, life was going at its own pace. We were all habitual of the daily chores,  and the ways we were treating life an... Read Blog..
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Why one should join a startup?

Posted on 26/04/2020
Exposure- Learning- Value -  if these are your expectations from an organisation then go for a startup. Flexible working hours, no... Read Blog..
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How to improve happiness index in organization?

Posted on 28/04/2020
A large portion of the day is almost spent sitting in the same office in front of same screen every day. This monotonous routine c... Read Blog..
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Progressive Web Apps is a Game Changer

Posted on 26/04/2020
With the increase in per hour time spent on mobile applications amidst users worldwide, PWA is becoming zeitgeist of the present t... Read Blog..
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Working from home

Posted on 09/06/2020
Work from home received a major push from the current global Coronavirus pandemic. But even before COVID-19 became a factor, a gro... Read Blog..

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