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How to improve happiness index in organization?

Posted on April 28, 2020

A large portion of the day is almost spent sitting in the same office in front of same screen every day. This monotonous routine can be tedious and boring and often convert an employee into de-energized and de-motivated person. It is very important for an organization to have a committed group of leadership who can ensure that everyone is happy, energetic and motivated to succeed. When everyone in organization starts believing in “Delivering Happiness” at every stage of growth, the team will always be motivated to achieve success.

Being a Minty myself, I would like to share my experience working with an organization where every day I feel “Home away from Home”.

Importance of Communication

A stable team can be build, when there is a proper channel of communication. Everyone in team, starting from new joiny to experienced player, should have the confidence to speak about “what they actually believe in”. Every team member has their own capabilities and learning curve. It is important for the leaders to know the areas of learning so that a proper roadmap can be designed to achieve the task. Because sometimes, when messages or questions of employee are left unanswered, they feel under-valued. Failure in understanding and solving their concern can often lead to a lower retention rate and loss in productivity. So, for an effective communication, an organization should focus on setting up an open forum where everyone can contact leaders. By conducting regular surveys within an organization on different subjects, you will be able to know your employees better. Regular feedback will give you the exact picture on all the parameters of happiness or positive feeling within the organization. After all, the real asset is “people” you can have.

Equal Opportunity for Growth

It is not always about the promotion, but the opportunity an organization can provide to its employees on the basis of talent one has, dedication one shows, hard work one can do irrespective of the disability, gender or tenure one has. An organization should promote the policies and work strictly on them where there is zero tolerance for discrimination in giving the equal and relevant opportunity for growth to all employees. Sometimes, when the employee is judged not on the basis of performance, punctuality and ownership towards work but on those basis on which he/she has no control on, it becomes difficult to make the work environment happy. If employees’ desire to “climb up the ladder” does not get vision, they usually start looking for alternatives. So, to ensure that the growth opportunities are equal, HR Managers should take accountability and be proactive in organizing different programs within organization. These programs will not only provide the platform to explore growth areas but will also promote the idea of maximizing the “true potential”.

Balance Work-Life

Where everything is just one click away, it seems impossible to balance the Work-life and clearly mark the line between work and home. Setting the right set of expectations in a wrong way can also result in over-loading your employee. Often, this pressure can lead to over-time and misbalancing the body clock. When the work day never seems to end and flexible hours seems to be just a benefit mentioned in papers, not only personal life but also health of the employee gets affected.

As an organization, it is important to help all the employees find the right balance. By initiating stress buster activities like yoga, dance etc, you can help your staff sanitize both body and mind. When employees can speak their heart out and have the freedom to talk, they will feel “more valued”.

Happiness is addictive and communicable. Be a part of someone “Happiness”.

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