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The New Normal

Posted on May 30, 2020

Once upon a time, life was going at its own pace. We were all habitual of the daily chores,  and the ways we were treating life and work culture. It was common to find that working in an office environment is necessary for better productivity, team work, culture, etc.  While work from home or remote location was duly accepted but never had preference over working in an office environment.

And then, the world comes to a stop...enter Covid-19 and things will never be the same again. It feels irreversible, doesn’t it? While no one has an answer how the world will come out of it, it surely gives us an opportunity to get a better grip on life. 

The Earth is rebooting and healing herself, the ozone layer is recovering, the other species and nature are reclaiming their space. We have multiple reasons to think on the positive side.

Being a human, as we start accepting the new normal like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, we also need to change the way we work.

At MintWorxs, we have focused on some key initiatives among many with the objective of  contributing to our digital space as well as keeping the house in order:


  • Slack time: COVID-19 provided us the much needed slack time we badly wanted to work on a new product idea. We built a state of the art eCommerce builder platform called Mintify, keeping in mind the problems of businesses today amidst the lockdown.  A headless architecture that could be whitelabelled 100% for any businesses in a matter of 5 days. Customers can keep their data on their own hosting space, retaining IP rights and can integrate any type of APIs within 30 minutes.


  • Home Office: The whole team structure and roles has been optimized based on development and support responsibilities. We are dedicatedly using the virtual office software tools that are only short of touch and feel. Since work and family has to go hand in hand, our mantra is “being punctual and sensitive about our responsibility” as one team. We not only talk about work but also crack jokes when small kids pop up besides us during client calls. 


  • Training: We found increased productivity with zero office commute. Some of Mintys proposed to be able to spend time on training and clear certifications as per their goal sheet. 


  • Business Continuity:  Few of our customers expressed concerns with burning planned budgets due to uncertainty looming over. To address this, Mintworxs worked out “Task based model”. This is a quite simple process, executed in the following steps:
    • Customers can select the skill set from our team portfolio and sign an agreement with no minimum billing commitment. 
    • Mintworxs will provide a dedicated & non-billable project manager in contact and an online communication platform (e.g. Jira). 
    • Customers can share the requirements in the form of Jira tickets and our team will evaluate the same and share the estimate against each task. After goahead, the team finishes the work as per priority queue defined by the customer.. 
    • Customers can track the JIRA board, connect with team members and are free to share the feedback. 
    • At the end of month Mintworxs take approval on the timesheet and share the invoice basis for the task. 



Crisis always leads to opportunities. The new normal is an opportunity for us to be a more responsible human. At Mintworxs, we are committed to digital initiatives that we can make this world a better place to do business.


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