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Why one should join a startup?

Posted on April 26, 2020

Exposure- Learning- Value -  if these are your expectations from an organisation then go for a startup. Flexible working hours, no-hierarchy, friendly work culture and obviously multi tasking job roles is what a startup offers you.

Working with biggies is no doubt a gig and comes up with a lot of benefits whether it’s an alluring pay check or a job security but if you are someone who wants to be on the forefront and want to contribute to company’s growth, STARTUP is where you should be. Startup provides you the opportunity to work with people who are truly passionate for their work and this can be a great learning for all those who are joining the venture at a very early stage of their career. With my experience of working with a startup I have highlighted few of my gains over these span of years : 

High Responsibilities, higher learning : 

A small team means each and every member shares their part in building the foundation. Everyone plays an important role unlike in biggies where there is a large team but not everyone puts a prominent impact. An important role comes up with a lot of responsibilities and eventually you build up your skills of taking decisions and trusting them which in any case plays a very vital role in one’s career growth. 

Responsibilities empower your instincts, make you reliable, versatile and help you explore your capabilities and the scope of improvements. If you have joined a startup in the very initial stage of your career like me, more responsibilities will bring more confidence in your decision making skills. 

Gives you myriad of opportunities :

While working in a corporate makes your job profile monotonous and confined to a particular job role, startup gives you the opportunity to multitask which is no doubt exciting and enhances your learning curve. 

Multi-Tasking opportunity helps you in attaining different skill sets which will definitely pay off in your future jobs. Also, new opportunities come up with challenges and every challenge makes you think in a different direction. Cracking the opportunity will add a credit for you and your organisation while losing one will leave a scope for learning which in any case is never a bad thing! 

Improves your Self learning skills : 

Startups provides limited hand holding but ample confidence for you to learn to swim. For those who are new to the startup irrespective of experience,  you carry a fair share of the  responsibility and struggle of a startup.  Along with justifying your job role you need to solve problems on your own, be creative in coping up which brings out your self and makes you invincible to handle any situation independently. 

Makes you adaptable :

Juggling between multiple roles makes you learn how to adapt to different situations.  It will make you embrace the changes rather than resisting them. In this competitive corporate world where flexibility is the need of an hour in every workplace, if you learn this core skill you will always have the upper hand. This is one of the best learning one can have while working in quick changing scenarios. 

Cheerful environment :  

When it comes to working environment there is so much to count :

  • With flat hierarchy comes no politics which keeps the environment healthy and more focused 
  • Flexible working hours can make you more focused on your work rather than getting trapped in maintaining discipline tantrums. 
  • Everyone around you have the same excitement and thrive to achieve and explore which on its own plays an important role and keeps you going 
  • Your thoughts and perception don’t require any approval before expressing. Your thoughts are valued and your actions are considered. 


At the end, I would say working in a startup can bring a steep learning curve in your career growth. If you truly love your work and enjoy being a part of the team  your experience in startup can make you responsible, self-sufficient, flexible or I would say versatile. Startups may be risky to join but can have an adventurous journey. It's up to you how you take it. 😀

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