It is a brave new world with technology defying the distance. Effective communication platforms are providing alternatives to the travel industry with high quality streaming, innovative video conferencing products, smart customer analytics backed by a resilient cloud infrastructure.


MintWorxs has built unique conferencing products for our customers to stay relevant in the market along with cloud support for minimal downtime.

Our Experience in various projects

Redback - Blast Dial-out / Emergency Dial Out

This is the extension of Redback Pinless conferencing solution developed to handle emergency services. The system can initiate call upto 200 people at a time and use to pass emergency messages.

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Redback - Pinless conference application

This is first teleconferencing system in the Industry build by Redback. Due the this application, customer just need to register them once and after application use to call them at the time of teleconference.

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Tailor made solutions


Small and medium size businesses often struggle to get their business online due to significant time and upfront money investments. Mintify is a first of it’s kind white labelled e-commerce platform that can convert your existing website into a full fledged ecommerce web application in a matter of just 5 days!

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MintAuth is an independent solution to manage your organization Single-sign-on services. The solution reduces the SSO implementation timing and also saves the ongoing maintenance costs. It provides an Administrative dashboard to manage application authentication, user management & access permissions.

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