Common Problems

  • Lack of awareness about the security threats 
  • Missing specific could platform expertise in DevOps team 
  • Missing security checklist in testing processes
  • Leakage in code repository 
  • Wrong technology and cloud environment selection

Our Recommendations

Mintworxs always encourage OWASP 10 testing compliances for all ongoing projects. We strongly recommend VAPT(Application and server vulnerability) as an add-on for transactional applications where users perform some monetary or confidential details transactions such as medical history, private details, etc. We have general practice to put security checks on the code, deployment process, cloud infrastructure, third party integrations, etc. 

Our team is proficient with the cloud monitoring tools and practices which ensure the security layer on all server communication ports and we have a risk mitigation plan in place in case of urgency. 

Our Expert

Pankaj Singh Technical Architect

I am a technical architect at MintWorxs with 10+ years of experience. I worked on multiple projects belonging to insurance, banking, ecommerce, analytics and understanding the value of customer’s data. We have a strong combination of Developers, QA and Cloud engineers to put best security practices in place.