Common Problems

  • Missing domain consultant during requirement gathering
  • Wrong technology selection or Code quality issue
  • DevOps process to perform automation testing, quality check and approval mechanism
  • Technical Leads playing role of Business analyst. This doesn't help providing right set requirement to technical team
  • Frequent requirement changes in the development without refactoring process.
  • No project handover process or documentation

Our recommendations

We have a defined framework but flexible process to execute a project. As a thumb rule, we put a combination of business analyst, technical architect and project manager during the project requirement gathering process irrespective of project size. Detailed requirement documentation is lead by UX activities and followed by test cases against each requirement item. Every requirement gathering task considers the proper product cycle to ensure the scalability of all possible solutions.


We always encourage a proper DevOps cycle which includes a Jenkins pipeline to validate code from development environment to staging environment and after customer approval, it should go to production and a combination of automation and manual testing is always recommended. For the operations and finance driven applications, we propose VAPT.

Our Experts

Janardan Singh Delivery lead

I have been serving this industry for the last 10 years and started working on projects from junior developer to delivery incharge and during that I served as BA, PM, presales and many unsaid roles. Mintworxs is a group of domain and technical experts, we have a team in combination with latest and vetern technologies, we can pick the project from any worst condition and provide the right suggestion to achieve the desired goal.