Common Problems

  • Application technology has become old and has high dependency of operations
  • High bounce rate on application
  • Significant amount of restriction in content update in application 
  • Application is being launched but not getting a good response from market 
  • Poor content loading speed 
  • Struggling with defining business process on digital platforms 

Our Recommendations

We strongly believe in simplicity of design which can easily be understood by the users. The UX is not just the look and feel instead this is a science of human interaction with machines to perform certain tasks. Mintworxs follow the most recommended UX practices and are always ready to accept any type of challenge. We do analysis from both design and technical perspective and suggest the best approach to our customers.


Our two main principles for good user experience are:

  • Simple and tested designs and usage of advance frontend technologies such as PWA, React, Angular and Vue JS
  • Enhanced architecture equipped with caching, message queue, elastic search and other elements for faster content download 

Our Experts

Antriksha Frontend Lead

I started my career a decade ago and since then experiencing the technology upgrade. The user has shifted from Desktop to laptop and now moved on smartphones and tabs. The TV became smart TV and wrist watches became smart watches. This is the race, how quickly and simply you can provide relevant information to your users and retain them on your platform.