Next-gen AI/ML Driven Solutions

Today, the meaning of the word “Intelligence” is way beyond data driven decisions. The technology solutions are now valued on the basis of “future looking” insights it can provide to businesses to stay relevant amidst changing consumer behaviour, smarter competition and evolving markets.

MintWorxs started on the foundation of building new age AI/ML based applications that stay fresh as mint! Each of our out of the box solutions have this embedded intelligence. As a result, our technology team has a strong orientation towards understanding the problem statements in this space. We make it easy for businesses to realize the true potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) using pertinent data models and technology stack.

Our Approach


Use Case(s) Identification -We find answers to construct the problem statement, what needs to be predicted, availability of data to train the model and minimum requirements to build the prototype.


Data Gathering -Sufficient amount of data is required for analysis. We will collect the needed data from different storage online and other sources. Then we'll process the collected data for cleansing and finding patterns and correlations.


Model Generation - Once the data is in good shape, based on our experience we will apply learning models with some  experimentation and discovery. We'll iterate until  the algorithm gives accurate results validated by the stakeholders.


Productize - The production phase will start as soon as the designed prototype model starts addressing the defined problem statements. The ML Application based on the prototype model will be integrated with your business application. MintWorxs also provides support services to analyze whether the prototype model will work on broader and different datasets.

Our Services

Business Prophecy

This Module gives users a personalized experience by providing them flexibility to create dynamic forms and data entry views (excel view) together. The user can create forms for Admin dashboard or for frontend application for a specific category or for a user role in backend.

Predict Customer Retention: Mix of recommendation engine and analytics for personalization at scale with customers. This further helps in optimizing your marketing spend, target your messages better and acquire new customers.

Natural Language Processing

This module gives users the flexibility to create pages, manage page content and interlink pages.

Case Studies

Analytics tool

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Beauty Loop

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Redback - Blast Dial-out / Emergency Dial Out

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