End to end Digital Engineering Services

With a business problem driven mindset,  customer centric approach and product innovation culture we assist IT Leaders in providing end to end digital engineering services for the business. This starts right from assessing your current digital capital, developing innovative products based on cutting edge technology, injecting them to product engineering inventory followed by customer experiences management. 

Keeping focus on personalized experiences at scale, we have delivered digital capital for Retail with e-commerce, Health Care with tele-medicne, Media with VoD applications and AI/ML based solutions like chatbots, image recognition as well as IoT based applications across industries.

Our Services

We help companies realign their digital footprints amidst the changing customer journeys. Our objective is to maximize the value of existing digital assets and further develop digital applications in alignment with the digital strategy.

Digital Capital Assessment

During digital transformation projects, IT leadership is often faced with the dilemma of assessing disparate digital applications accumulated over time and whether they are still adding value to the customer. 


Customer Journey Mapping: We draw on a bank of insights about customers, ,business and operating models to define the shortest customer journeys for use cases. 


Data ModellingGiven the digital transformation should lead to future insights and predictive intelligence, does the current data architecture support future outcomes mapped to customer journeys. 


Digital Ecosystem:  Digital applications are resource intensive and require both physical and intangible to maintain. Can the redundant applications be made useful?

Rapid Prototyping

We rapidly develop working prototypes that can be quickly water tested for each new customer journey. 


Uncover: Requirements and Problem statements are defined 

  • Stakeholder Interviews 
  • Client/industry/competition research 

Define: Structure the business requirements with

  • Defining Customer Personas 
  • Mapping Customer experience journey. 

Develop: Ideate with best of breed tools

  • Wireframes
  • Rapid Application Development 

Product Engineering

With a cross functional product engineering team, our agile product development services are designed to accelerate the development process in alignment with business goals. Depending on the customer's project team dynamics, we follow a hybrid approach that could be a mix of Scrum, XP and Kanban to align on the best of both iterative and incremental approaches. 

We provide onshore/offshore team mix to minimize gaps in communication, collaboration and work on open kitchen concepts using best of breed tools. We cover all aspects in this space as follows:


Product Consulting: Ideation, launch and product roadmap


UI/UX: Clickable prototypes that act like Pseudo products for early validations 


Product Architecture: Envisaging product architecture that leads to value creation in the digital capital 


Agile Development: Iterative and incremental product development


Testing: Automation Testing frameworks to minimize time to market


DevOps: Ensure continuous delivery pipeline 

Customer Experiences Management

Organizations need to consistently validate positive customer experiences from the applications that were created keeping in mind the customer personas, user journeys, level of personalization and the value the application was supposed to provide.

MintWorxs provides services in some of the following ways: 


Social Analytics: Track consumer sentiments on social mediums about the usage of new applications or ease of transaction.


Customer Analytics: How can greater levels of personalization be achieved with demanding customers among competition?


Machine Learning: How can the applications be made more intuitive to respond to customer behaviour by deploying machine learning?


Touch points: Can the user journey be shortened to ease the customer buying journey?