Introducting Mintify

Small and medium size businesses often struggle to get their business online due to significant time and upfront money investments. Mintify is a first of it’s kind white labelled e-commerce platform that can convert your existing website into a full fledged ecommerce web application in a matter of just 5 days!

Key Features

100% customizable templates where you can play with colors, size, layout and fonts as per the branding guidelines.


You can customize the contact form fields and define the recipient of emails


Add new content pages and can add them in header menu items

Create product detail pages at the click of button.


You can customize the product page content and elements which you want to display to your customers.


You will have the option to define the custom product pricing mechanism and prerequisite form to take additional inputs.


Manage flat sales and product specific discounts 

Process orders based on your business rules


You will have option to define the order flow and accordingly you can create the Order steps and action against each order change


You will have the option to customize the email content on each order step by using our dynamic email generator feature.


The invoice number, order number, invoice layout, P.O. will be customizable as per your brand guidelines.

Customize your management dashboard with infographics of your choice.


View the reports of sales, orders execution stages, products revenue generation, sales output etc.


Generate MIS reports in graph, chart and tabular format. Download excel, csv, word and PDFformats.   

Mintify separates back end infrastructure from front end to allow you to create an immersive branding experience for your customer using the latest front end technologies.


You can use our API and can integrate the same with any POS system to increase the sales touch points.


You can integrate the application with your existing ERP system


The application provides an option to integrate PayPal, Braintree and Stripe payment gateway in just a few minutes.


The application provide you option to integration with Xero and quickbook

Mintify has considered those small things for ease of business


You can customize your dashboard theme by changing the header color, logo, text color and email templates.


You can integrate your own SMTP configurations to communicate with your customers 


Add Google analytics, geo-positions and the show and hide pages from caching on search engines 


You define your default currency, taxes and shipping logic. 

Our platform is built on multi-tenancy architecture, your data will be isolated and stored on the cloud


We will provide you with a secure API channel to integrate your data with existing  systems.


All modern security practices are implemented on code and infrastructure of the application

Why Choose Mintify?

1. Pay as You Go

Mintify is a powerful cloud based e-commerce platform that allows you to pay for what you use.

Fix subscription fee per month

Transaction based fee model

License based Model

2. Flexibility

Whether you want to build e-commere from scratch or convert your website into e-commerce, we have a ready to use platform.

Mintify offer form builder for creating your new website from scratch.

For converting your website into ecommerce, we provide plug and play components like product listing page, product detail page, buy now widget etc to get you up and running.

Mintify your website with your own web domain

3. Crazy Go-Live

3-5 days to launch your business online

3 days if you have existing website

5 Days if you want to build from scratch

Minimum dependency on stakeholders

4. 24 X 7 Support

We have a team to meet your needs with 24*7 support

24/7 Support Desk for E-commerce Admins.

Further enhancements with UX/VD design and development services.

We can help you build high-graded customer touch points (e.g. mobile, web or desktop application)

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