Introducing MINT-VEC

MINT-VEC is a ready-to-use digital platform that allows Educational institutions to easily set up and conduct online examinations efficiently with the highest level of security. This online platform can be quickly set up and deployed using configurable algorithms, customised user interface through security-based devices.It Has an Assessment engine that supports the conducting, reviewing and report generation of the examination.

-- MINT-VEC supports continuous face recognition through the laptop camera.

-- It Matches the image at regular intervals with a pre-stored image of the candidate in your Database

-- Disconnects whenever there is a mismatch between the two images

-- This model can be efficiently set up and deployed quickly

-- Motion sensor monitoring uses laptop camera to detect any movement. Laptop camera would authenticate the student ID matching it with the school’s records

-- Installation of 2 cameras to monitor any movement - anyone entering the room or the student moving from their desk position

-- Highly secured and session will automatically stop whenever there is a significant change in student’s desk position

-- Online assessment engine is customised for every test or exam

-- It provides standard reporting it's an easy and trouble-free light report with a view and download option for students.

-- Dynamic quiz/exam can be created using the Drag and Drop functionality from admin user

-- With quick Login create multiple users/ admin/ sub-admin

-- It have scoring algorithm which is intuitive and acts as a counsellor for students to decide on their preferred course/university


Different packages of test

Payment gateway integration and coupon option management

Multi format options for questions

Customized home page

Dynamically adjustable Menu

Basic information is shown to the student before test is attempted

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